“Karen did a great job and was very engaged the whole time.” - VZ

“I enjoyed her class a lot.” - HY

“Her grasp of anatomy and physiology is AMAZING. I can’t wait until I have nearly that much.” - KP

“I thoroughly enjoyed the course and the patience of the instructor.” - CL

“The course was great. Karen was very helpful and made sure we all understood the techniques and principals.” - EB

“Karen was wonderful and knowledgeable.” - NW

“Karen is an excellent teacher: clear, knowledgeable, patient.” - LS

“Karen is a very good instructor who teaches beyond the book. She challenges us to look up and down the chain.” - KS

“Karen is very helpful and great at answering specific questions.” - SF

“Karen really made me think and that’s what I needed to feel more confident.” - CLB

“Karen is a wonderful instructor. I loved the hands-on techniques and she made us think functionally!” - MP

“Great course - presentation was excellent.” - JC

“She was very patient and informative; she made sure everyone understood and checked our work; she has been the best instructor for all my continued ed classes thus far.” - RH

“Karen was very helpful and engaging.

She was approachable and really grasped my interest.” - JM

“ Great course! By far one of the best I’ve taken. “JP

“Excellent instructor!” - SB

“She was very knowledgeable, flexible, and it was easy to ask questions.” - DW

“Karen gave some really good assessment tools to go along with the techniques.” - RP

“Very informative, pleasant atmosphere, and practical.” - JP

“Excellent demonstration and frequent review of previous lecture.” - DW

“She was easy to understand and gave great feedback.” - YS

“She brings lots of appropriate clinical applications to each taping example - very easy to listen to.” - DQ

“Excellent - best instructor I’ve had.” - LH

“She’s very knowledgeable and always open to questions.” - ALC

“One of the best instructors I’ve had - knowledgeable in so many areas.” - SR